to be old. (26'o3'o1)

i was on my way home for lunch. it was raining. the streets were empty, everyone was hurrying for their destination. me too. but something made me turn back. there was an old lady with a cane. she was leant against a parked car. i went toward her and asked whether i could help somehow. she was without any hat or so, thus her hair was drenched. she told me she was in hospital with broken leg recently, now she had problems with walking and someone stole her all the money and she has actually no food. that she was a teacher, asked me whether i'm a university student and when i confirmed that, she began to praise me. i gave her 200 kč (that's little more than 10 dm) and offered her that i'd help her more - i could see her home and do the shopping by myself. she refused. all the time was repeating something like 'god bless you' etc.
i dunno whether she really had no money or not. to be honest - i don't give a damn about it. my life is a pleasant one and without ladies like this one. i went away and felt miserable.
because it reminded me, that there are thousands of old destitute people. you don't know them. nobody knows. nobody cares. they outlived their childern, or the childern just don't show no interest and they are yet too proud to beg for help. imagine your parents in such a situation. imagine yourself being old and alone. depressive vision.
so i would like to thank a lot all the good people, which are here with a helping hand. and also - with a concept. cause i just tried to burke my conscience with money. and then quickly forgot.