travelling without moving. (21'o9'o1)

that's a name of jaimiroquai's album. but for me it means something else. recently i thought that most of your travels happen only in your head and vice versa: you might visit lot of new places and you're still the same, meeting the same people, experienced nothing.

on 7th i arrived to kutná hora, katka's hometown. it was raining almost the whole time, the nature was coverd with raindrops and in evenings you feel the november mood... silent alleys, streetlights emitting just a shivering light (and they look like old lanterns).
on 9th visiting prague - the life and the death in baroque... a unique exhibition that takes you far away in the history. still prague is an unfriendly place as i see (and experience) it. thousands of tourists willing to enjoy all the 'kunst' -> kitsch. sorry, i know prague is wonderful, but i can't stand it.
11th - our 'expedition' to kraków started. by train to olomouc, later hitchhiking. we met some interesting people and after all reached kraków at 20. we were going to sleep in agh university dormitories, but we were told that the vacation are over. so we had to find a hostel. next days we were enjoying the city - it's a nice place, even though little bit expensive. we've sent a couple of postcards (the one i sent to luka (=slovenia) came a day earlier than the postcards we sent to our families!), visited wawel, the legendary castle, hq of polish kings, ate 'zapiekanki' - typical polish delicatessen, tried polish beer Zywiec... i was using my poor polish language skills and was happy when someone praise it. it's quite possible we return next summer - either we like the place and want to see more of its vicinity, either we (on our hitchhiking back which wasn't as easy as we supposed) were invited by a gentleman from kraków.
on 15th we visited a museum of mining in ostrava and later in the evening we went for a pub-crawling - in ostrava there is a special place called stodolní street, a place with more than 40 pubs and clubs, one next to other. amazing stuff :) and on sunday back to brno - with adolf hitler's 'mein kampf' on my knees. ;] monika's father (katka's friend from dorm) has lent it to katka - there was a hullabaloo because of print of the 'nazi bible'. i read about 60 pages (it's quite huge, more than 400 pages) and it was enough for me. :(

it's almost impossible not to talk about what had happened on 11th in usa. we heard the fresh news from the radio - at first czech, then polish. it was really like a stupid joke to me for the first few minutes. but we quite ignored all the stuff... i think it's one of the world biggest trgedies and an unforgettable demonstration of fanaticism and violance. but it's still only one of the consequences of the ill thinking our planet is full of. i mean... it's hard to describe what i think and i'm having troubles thinking about what ought to be done in a situation like we undergo now. the only fact which is clear to me: 'the society for a better end of the world' that we are creating for some time yet (tho this is only the third mention on net and lot of people which have become members don't know about it at all) maybe should be ready earlier than we supposed.

there're much more things to be mentioned: an article about why people care so much about their pets and don't give a damn about the very cruel conditions farm animals are living in. or my personal confusion - what am i up to do? what can i expect from myself? and of course: what will happen next day, week, month... all this is worth my attention. and instead of anything uselful i sleep, eat, sleep and watch tv, mostly crappy mtv.
looking forward to school. this sucks major.

but the travelling was cool. coooool! thanks to all on the way and to kasia especially! you rule :) kisses!