Volume 0.2


Field notes on our name: Friends are asking us, with a kind of misty longing, "How did you come up with the name - Auricle?" Since our name is the first level of communicating what we're all about, we wanted one that felt appropriate and meaningful. We scanned through Webster's definitions...

1. pertaining to the ear or the sense of hearing.
2. the external ear, or that part which projects from the head.
3. formerly, an instrument applied to the ears to assist in hearing.
4. either of two chambers in the heart, resembling in shape the external ear that receives blood from the veins, and communicates it to the ventricles which pumps it to the arteries which carries it back to the body.
...and encountered "auricular": spoken directly into or confided to one's ear; especially, in a secret manner; by whispering privately to the ear of a priest. Digesting this, we pulled on our outer ears and soon realized that by gently massaging a variety of accupressure points on them, we could raise or lower our libido, stimulate endorphins and change our moods.

We soon observed the strong parallels between "auricle" and "oracle". Oracle is defined as: a divine announcement, a prophecy. 1. among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the oracle was a place where or medium by which deities were consulted. 2. the revelation or response of a medium or priest. 3. (a) any person or agency believed to be in communication with a deity; (b) any person of great knowledge; (c) opinion or statement of such a person.

We stroked our chins and pondered the word "oracular": very wise; prophetic; mysterious; obscure; ambiguous; like the oracles of classical deities. We noted that the most famous oracle was the Delphic oracle, of Delphi, in ancient Greece, or the oracle of Apollo there. And were proud that Apollo was, in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the god of archery, prophecy, medicine, poetry, and music, and protector of the Muses. The Muses, of course, were the nine nymphs, or inferior divinities, generally represented as young, beautiful, and modest virgins, who presided over the fine and liberal arts and were a source of genius or inspiration for artists. Thus, to experience auricularly is to ponder, dream, wonder, contemplate, and meditate...


"Looping is the key to the noise of the media, to its dynamic force field within culture. This noise is not background static, but a mediascape that operates formally by ceaselessly repeating the same metaphor, but with shifting (recycled) metonymy."

~Arthur Kroker

> CTheory is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker @



> Musiques en Scene, 02.11.99 to 04.11.99,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France
The annual festival of audio/video expos, installations, and concerts features presentations by Jose Evangelista, and performances of John Cage, Steve Reich, and Alvin Lucier's music @

> The School of Sound, 04.15-18.99, London French Institute
This four-day symposium digging the nexus of sound and vision seeks to listen to the structural evolution of the modern soundtrack. Speakers yet to confirm include Laurie Anderson; composers Simon Fisher Turner and Jocelyn Pook; Oscar winning sound specialist Randy Thom; experi-filmaker Peter Kubelka; theorist/author Michel Chion from France's GRM; and location recordist and former Haffler Trio/Cabaret Voltaire member Chris Watson. Call: 0171 586 3056

> Indie Press of Pirated Textual and Sexual Identities presents 'Festival of Postmodern Piracy', 4.14-16.99, Kent State, Salem, OH
This fest seeks submissions of theoretical and critical abstracts (100-500 words) addressing any aspect or interpretation of the festival's theme - Piracy of Words, Bodies, Subjectivity's, Cultures, Identities, or Representations. All approaches in the humanities (particularly literary, cinematic, musical, or philosophical) are welcomed. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

-Theoretical approaches to Plagiarism, Appropriation, or Piracy
-Performances of Plagiarism, Appropriation, or Piracy
-Viral Languages, Theories, Images, Bodies
-Aesthetic Outlaws, Migrant Tongues
-Schizo-Flesh or Infected Texts

Coordinates: Doug Rice at

> 14th Winter Music Conference 03.13-17.99, Miami Beach, FL
Groove to the land of 100 sunny showcases, panels, special events and touch down on all segments of the music business with reps from 32 different countries including execs from major and indie labels, publishers, promoters, managers, agents, journalists, DJs, remixers, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers and equipment hard and software manufacturers. In addition, artists and DJ's are set toperform during a non-stop schedule of nightclub showcases and label parties topped off by the WMC'99 International Dance Music Awards will honor the best achievements of the year with an industry cocktail party, dinner and awards show @


Since light travels faster than sound some people appear bright until you hear them speak.



Architectonics the science of systematizing knowledge or having the structure or design of a kind thought of as architecture. Indeed, if it can be said that great architecture is "frozen music" i.e. the Great Pyramid of Giza, the temples of The Acropolis in Greece, the Cathedral at Chartres in France, the Temple of Paestum, then certain systems of music can be called musical architecture or "sonic architectonics". Beethoven is the obvious exemplification of this. He was a man who went further than any predecessors in constructing his symphonies in the same way an architect a cathedral roof a dome or bridge.

The Muzak Corporation, purveyors of fine elevator music, strive for the same aesthetic. Here's what they're saying: "Muzak is emotion. Using the powerful tools of intuition, innovation and skill we create experiences with music that aren't just heard, they're felt. We call what we do audio architecture. You'll call it amazing."


COLLECTIBLES - electro-acoustic accouterments

Since volume 0.1 a total of 27 CD's have come our way, equaling 255 tracks and over 30 hours of listening. Have $100 to invest in new music this month? We recommend these five for your library:

> Ambiants

Chicane's 'Far From the Maddening Crowds' finds Nick Bracegirdle's debut realizing a synphonic melding of vaporous forms over lucid groove systems that give birth to moving depictions of the forces of nature @

> Ambiage

The debut by Chicago's MASS Ensemble explores the kinetic potential of free standing "Interactive Sonic Sculptures and Installations" via Bill Close's 25 foot "Longbow" to activate a striking classical / world synergy of Asian, Flamenco, Baroque, Renaissance music @

> Electronica

Funky Derrick's 'Boogie Dawn' brings Frenchman Mederic Nebinger's debut exploding in driving, moody, tech-house colors for a fat dosage of delectable dance transpirations until the breakbeat cracks the dawn  @

> Global

Jocelyn Montgomery's 'Lux Vivens' is an otherworldly revisitation of the works of Hildegard von Bingen, the 12th-century mystic, artist, and composer. Produced by David Lynch, 'Lux' communicates a numinous context for sacred sabbaticals into the audio hermitage of one of history's most sagacious matrons @

> Jazzedelic

SubJazz Proxy's 'Autumn Somewhere' (Lucid): sparse, urban soul and guts. Extemporary pressure and risk. New accidents, sweet surprises and cool miss-takes. Chillin' village vanguards on the lazy beat encampments of life.

> Op-Rock

David Slyvian's 'Dead Bee's on a Cake' unveils a deeper diversity of delicate devotion to the sonic path. Pure grace for ears in search of subtle majesty, deep blues and wide-eyed wonderment and nearly a decade in the making @

Slyvian spots:

> Compedium

Wired Magazine's 'Music Futurist's' extends the brand with a geek packaging of  Esquivel, Sun Ra, Reich, Can, Rundgren, Brian Eno, Devo, Anderson, Dolby, and Ben Neill @

EAROTICA - musical freediving

Artist: Slim
Cast: Slim with Will Joss and Tom Smyth of Miasma
Origin: UK
Work: 'Slim'
Syndicate: Time Recording, em:t series
Genus: Eclectric Listening
Highlights: 'What It Is', 'Water', 'Your Chair', 'My Dangerous Life'
Ambience: A shimmering and incessant embrace
Emotion: Skeptimism
Cachet: Elegant lifeworld apparatus for the possible human
Design: Soft determinism
Amenities: Tonal zodiacs, sonoptical distortions, idyllic fuzzy objects of desire and longing
Depth: Beveled
Word Picture: Imaginareum dwellers poised on the threshold
Book Mate: 'Metatron' by Sol Yurick (Semiotext(e) 0-936756-07-1)
Activity Match: Keen existential rituals of leisure
Analysis: Now legendary, this fragile mood piece burns with a torch-inflected poetic flame. It is a sound encounter in which the body and the mind swing in the same sensual rhythm  until it glows with original fire. In large part a hymn to the dream machine as sonically the most communicable aspect of the sensual, orgasmic life. In no other modern disc has a female artist been so completely in control of her means and been able to produce so exactly the effects she wants.
Distribution: Pinnacle, U.K.


In the ocean realm, every drop of water contains all the ambient factors of the entire ocean.



Ta Ke Ti Na: The Forgotten Power of Rhythm' by Reinhard Flatischler (LifeRhythm ISBN 0-940759-07-8 1992) affirms rhythm's central power of our life through an interaction of pulse, breath, voice, walking and clapping that leads to greater ability in movement, rhythmic competence and musical creativity. Coordinates: 707.937.1825.



Phillips 'Elegance 99' is a home telephone system with personalized ring-sound capabilities so you can customize your own @
+44 645 2828.



10.5 months till 2000 - how are you positioning yourself for the big opportunity? Mastermind your place in history by linking your vision to the Light 2000 Vision Network @



Q: What is Flow?

A: For over thirty years a University of Chicago psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ("ME-high CHEEK-sent-me-high-ee") has been studying states of "optimal experience" - those times when people report feelings of concentration and deep enjoyment. These investigations have revealed that what makes experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow - a state of mind so complete it amounts to absolute absorption in an activity.

Flow, illuminated in the best-selling book 'Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience' (HarperPerennial), is an experience where your whole body, mind, and consciousness become ordered, focused and harmoniously directed. When you are in flow, everyday experience becomes a moment by moment opportunity for joy and self-fulfillment. Feelings of chaos, indecision and anxiety disappear. Self-consciousness and worries recede. You have a single goal. You are fully functioning. Life takes on greater meaning.

For more information on Flow, visit The Flow Network, the global internetwork established to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences related to flow @



E-commerce vendor InterTrust's 'Commerce 1.0' is a digital commerce system allowing the net-purchasing of copyrighted music while maintaining protection of creative, publishing, and distribution rights. Buyers can save their selections to a hard drive, recordable CD, flash RAM, or a DVD-RAM disc. After setting up an "InterRights Point" and "RightsWallet" online, consumers receive their selections in a "DigiBox" on a purchase, pay-per-use, pay-to-own, or rental basis.



"Acousmatic Music", a term coined by Francois Bayle in the 1970's, redefined musique concrete through the Greek word "akousma," a word meaning auditory perception which was used by philosopher Pythagoras to describe his novel style of lecture in the dark behind a curtain to assure his pupils undivided attention. Likewise, acousmatic music is a pure aural experience in which the listener sits in front of speakers in the dark for undivided immersion.



'MindMan: The Creative MindManager' helps you imagine a universe of ideas via electronic mind mapping: a graphics-based brainstorming method of relating and shaping random ideas into meaningful tree-like diagrams. Download a 21-day trial @



Gamasutra blasts game developers into audimensions @



While 'manifestations of culture' like books, magazines, records, CD's, and tapes can be touched and seen and take physical form, culture itself is largely a theoretical term that is imposed on reality in order to explain, comprehend, and deal with reality. Pop music for instance, embodies a constant mythos which evolves in accordance with the life-movement of the culture to which it is attached. It's one of our generations favorite protections, perfectly maintaining our best conventions, securities, habit-mechanisms, prejudices and hopes.



Canada's D-Box Audio's 'Odyssee' uses computer chips in four "kinetic actuators" planted under the legs of your couch or chair that activate a metal plate that vibrates, tips, or tilts you in response to sonic signals from your DVD player, VCR, or stereo.


Art is magic, its purpose is enchantment.



The Internet Domain Survey, conducted by hardware and software development firm Network Wizards, has concluded that the size of the Internet doubled in 1998.



MIDI, the standard protocol between our instruments and our computers - has been updated by Yamaha's new mLAN which allows MIDI to run on top of IEEE 1394, the speedy "new standard" released last year that makes hundreds of digital products PC-friendly. MLAN equipment allows one device to input, process, and output many media types, connecting up to 63 disk drives, CD players, printers, and other devices at a time if one desires. One day mLAN may link all media into one system.



Joe Yost of Special Music by Special People, a Chicago Park District music program for people with developmental disabilities, has just released their second CD & cassette 'We're ALL Stars (and that includes you).' Beyond wonderful fun, this disc helps children better understand and appreciate others who are disabled. Mixdown was done at LaTour's studio. Coordinates @



The most active usenet groups for audio buffs: ~
~ ~



Under the familiar conditions of an audience listening to Western music, it may be presumed that most if not all listeners are under the influence of a very light trance which increases their suggestibility and facilitates the levitation of buried archaic images to the conscious mind. It is along such lines that we may look for the "secret of effective art" of music and an explanation for the aesthetic pleasure resulting from it.

~H.E. Huntley, 'The Divine Proportion: A Study In Mathematical Beauty'


Orbital's fifth album, 'Middle of Nowhere' is a 64 minute uptempo trip featuring various vocalists and musicians. A tour, their first live performance since '98's Phoenix Fest, is set to launch in March with an up-graded visuals and light show. Coordinates @


SEARCH is the Concorde of techno music related websites, covering all genres and aspects. If you run a website or know of one - get it on @



Tamboura: A four-stringed drone-strument with a very long neck attached to a large gourd - all hollowness and resonance.



For an interesting experiment in non-commercial electronica distribution consider Belgian geeks dBONANZAh's mp3_11h_650Mb project: an ftp site where unsigned audio artistes can upload mp3s for some kind of subsequent distribution @



Audible Inc. of Wayne, NJ, currently offers more than 10,000 selections from audiobook publishers, business-conference providers, and educational and cultural institutions. Either download your selections or schedule delivery time. Users can listen through a PC or a pocket-size player available through the Web site. The player downloads and stores up to two hours of content from a hard drive or from Audible's site @


Information is most useful when it interacts with other information, rather than when it is deified and presented in a vacuum.



The Sound Sculptures of Karel van der Eijk move and produce sounds, some can be played like an instrument, others are set in motion by the push of a button. Certain sound sculptures are played independently by the public and others are demonstrated by the artist himself during a performance @



Searchwave - the very first search engine for audiology, hearing loss, and the ear, is not only the largest and most comprehensive Search Engine of its" kind, but also the most up to date with over 900 unique web pages placed in 14 categories @



Pre-listening relaxation 0.1: aromas.

Atmosphere is the great beginning to a listening session. Setting the tone is the first step. Create your listening room as a personal sanctuary of nourishment and harmony. Among the prime ancient ways to relax, feel rooted, and connect with music is the art of aromatizing. There are many useful tools for environmental fragrancing including:

1. Put droplets of essential oils on a lightbulb. Or use a ring device that you can place on top of a lightbulb - put droplets in the ring and turn it on, but be sure to use a dimmer.
2. Diffusers such as lamps that use a light bulb or candle beneath a bowl holding aromatic oils. An electrical diffuser will disperse tiny molecules of essential oils throughout the room too.
3. Spray bottles filled with diluted essential oils. Fizz a fine mist in the eight prime directions.
4. Incense: light a stick for an image of fragrant smoke curling and wafting through the air.
5. Scented beeswax candles made with aromatized oils. Our guide to candles is next month.

However you choose to personalize your listening room with aroma, remember that it is for your own pleasure and enjoyment. Pure essential oils and candles and Aromatherapy kits are ideal for do it yourselfers. Perfumed oil, soap, massage oil, and floral water that use essential oils are recommended for those who do not choose to create their own aroma blends.


EULOGY - Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze passed away on 01 : 18 : 99.



Romance and seduce your Valentine by making passionate musical moves to the rhythm of love. Here's our blueprint to red-hot aural four-play. Grab yourself four 60 minute blanks and program your soundtrack accordingly.

8pm. Staging/Icebreaking: Melt away inhibitions and weave a caressing welcome the minute they walk in the door. Love groove chemistry: Vanessa Daou 'Two To Tango', Stan Getz's 'Sweet Taboo', Marvin Gaye's 'After the Dance'.

9pm. Candlelit Fete: Air evocative vibrations that explore relationships from physical attraction to deep emotion. Love groove chemistry: Air's 'All I Need', Santana's 'Europa', The Rasberries 'Go All The Way', Kid Loco's 'Grand Love Theme'.

10pm. Earotic Enticement: Sweep them away in primal vibrations that stir thoughts of smoldering intimacy. Love groove chemistry: Joe's 'Love Scene', Todd Rundgren's 'Feel It', Ennio Morricone 'For Love One Can Die', Pat Metheny Group's 'Are You Going With Me', The Beloved's 'Lose Yourself In Me', Maxwell's 'Everwanting'.

11pm. Thrilling Culminations: Consumate the night with varied phases of the energy cycle as it moves from awakening to completion, gently and subtlely guiding the breath and movements of your love to a singlular point of ecstatis. Love groove chemistry: Because musical energy dissipates as heat, pick music with a strong beat to raise body temperature. Tempo tips: hip-hop = bump & grind, thumping house = heavy petting, throbbing trance = fleet fallatio, drum & bass = rapid relations.


DJ 4BZ @

Is Love Electronica?
Air: 'Sexy Boy' (Virgin)
Luke Slater: 'Love' (Mute)
Fatboy Slim: 'Praise You' (Skint)
Blue 6: 'Sweeter Love' (US Wave)
Four Hero: 'Wishful Thinking' (Talkin' Loud)
Rae & Christian with Texas: 'Hush' (Grand Central)
Jhelisa: 'Friendly Pressure' - Sunship remix (Dorado)
Wamdue Project: 'King of My Castle' (Strictly Rhythm)
Inner City: 'Buena Vista' - "good life" in spanish (white label)
Prescence (featuring Shara Nelson): 'Sense of Danger' (Pagan)



It has been suggested that with our eyes we are always on the edge of the world looking in, while with our ears, the world comes to us and we are always at the center of it.

~Joachim Ernst-Berendt, from 'The World is Sound, Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness'


( ( ( a ) ) )

A U R I C L E : zen and the art of audio existentialism

Auricle is your why-to action manual for converging audiometric acumen tracing the brim of the musical life. The trans-portal of resistant nomadic media, Auricle is ratified monthly from the emancipated electro-ateliers of Auricle Communications, Chicago, Illinois. Chef de content: Mark Christopher Riva, who being compelled to develop a sonologically determined framework for his existence, judged it to be for the well-being of ear people that they should resonate with his latest propensity. Or in other words, expand people's understanding of the scope and orbit of the aural domain by exposing the qualities and properties that make it relevant to the world of the future.



Joachim Ernst-Berendt, H.E. Huntley, D. Paul Schafer, Sal Paradise, DJ Triggerfish, The Spindance Kid, Zig Zag, Samadhi, Nick Danger, Dr. Technolove, Luke Finn, and Mixmaster Flow



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In spirit, Auricle is a sort of omni-purpose muse for new musical sensibilities that, in one majestic sweep, embraces the macro -and microcosm of the sonic galaxy; from the synergistic convergence of stylistic genres to the harmony of the spheres, from the potential of music therapies to the symbolism and noise of the world soundscape, from online-strategies to the songs of the dolphins and whales, from sound design to the latest listening technology, from startling scientific facts to the most novel forms of sonic fiction, and from the globe's hippest dance clubs to the dance of molecules and atoms.


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