Auricle was launched on 1:99 and has briskly chartered its own domain within an expansive online publishing market. Critical respect soon followed, establishing Auricle where it is today, "the premier intelligence agent for individuals living on the frontiers of the ear."

Published by Auricle Communications in the US, Auricle's indispensable insight spans the entire aural channel; in just months its reader base has swelled to over 2000 international subscribers.

A sift-engine for the thinking ear, Auricle's editorial ethos is "audiosyncratic"; a highly-filtered vertical vista on a holistic sphere of sound - empowering an audience that is ruthlessly selective about what they read. Scan any one of our monthly volumes and you'll sip from the uninterrupted flux without becoming victim to hyperinformation.

Auricle offers ultra-targeted niche-marketed plans for brands seeking the attention of an intangible online audience. Our singular point of view trans-portals aural literacy to an urgently optical world, allowing us to offer you opportunities to join in our success.

Investors: we seek to grow with your financial input
Writers: we seek to publish your considerable output
Companies: we seek to review your products and services
Interns: we seek budding web-marketers and info-scanners
Partners: we seek strategic alliances for a developing econo-net
Musicians: we seek your extraordinary work for our compilation
Producers: we seek associates providing interview and music content
Conferences: we seek co-conspirators to design quality convocations

We also render a variety of personalized services for specialized marketing, communication and promotion campaigns, including customized music programming and sound systems for live events and productions.



Founded in 1997 by Mark Riva, Auricle Communications is a private, for-profit, music media research and education thinktank seeking to catalyze new collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects that break down the barriers between traditional disciplines and mediums, and to spread its ideas and methodologies throughout the world and encourage the practical applications of its results. In our activities, we serve as a bridge between scholarship and commerce, bringing new knowledge to media enterprises in the third millennium.

Auricle Communications can be best described as specialists in music-based multimedia systems. Our primary output is knowledge-intensive services characterized by proprietary, branded conceptual content or form. This production is cultivated through a holistic approach that synthesizes diverse intelligence into a larger whole. The predominate point of convergence is particularly in the domain of infotainment programming; a new media application operating at the crossroads of information and entertainment. Auricle Communications' mission is to drive the discovery of new product/services that create closer links between these two complimentary media formulas.

Through trend analysis and ideation, we focus on identifying unknown and unmet market needs and matching them to product possibilities through an approach that is part art and part science. It is a process that requires an in-depth understanding of the way people live, learn and work coupled with an new vision of how music media can be exploited and applied. 

The question of values is crucial to our mission; they are, in fact, the central defining characteristic. It is generally not recognized that values are not peripheral to music media and ultimately aural culture but constitute its very basis and driving force. Our output, including our monthly electrozine, emerges out of an entire constellation of human perceptions, values, and actions - in one word, out of a paradigm - from which they cannot be separated.


MARK RIVA: dossier

Designer: Ideacom
Founder: Groovology
Director: The Flow Network
CEO: Auricle Communications
Broadcast: San Francisco's 'Flux Television'
Magazines: Metagrooves, Urb, Hypno, Axcess, Sin, FAD, Mantra
Presenter: America's 1st electronic music conference, 'The Metagrooves Expo'
Liner notes: '2 A.D.' (Waveform Corporation), 'Axiom Ambient: Lost in the Translation' (Bill Laswell/Axiom Records)
Catalog & one-sheet essays: Silent Records, Dedicated Records, Subharmonic Records, Nu Groove Records
DJ: Virgin, Guggenheim Museum, Joffrey Ballet, Pepsi, Quicksilver, Cirque du Soliel, Details Magazine, Paul Mitchell, Gotcha, Action Sports Retailer, Calvin Klein, Ritz Carlton, Levis, Coca Cola
Producer/Remixer: 'Mark Riva's Metagrooves' (Silent), 'United States of Ambience' (Moonshine), 'Synthetic Pleasures' (Moonshine), ESPN's 'Crossover Sports'
Speaker: 'Medicine Meets Virtual Reality' conference, World Future Society's annual conference, 'Gathering of the Minds' conference, Aurora University's (IL) Deming School of Management, Palm Springs International Film Festival


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Auricle Logos

The Golden Triangle - the divine proportion, combined with the Japanese ideogram for the word Ear.