brutal czechtek video 2005

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hello, please be aware of what's going on in czech rep. police used teargas, 1200 robocops and destroyed peacefull teknival. watch the videos, see the photos. let your friends know, tell the media in your country! don't let the official sweep the whole thing under the carpet!

List of what different politics and police officers said. (Now only in czech.)
Seznam výroků politiků a policistů.


site 1 - site 2 - site 3 - site 4

torrent soon

official site (+ more links) demonstrations!

see what they do (if a link doesn't work, try another one, the sites may be overloaded)

brutální video s naprosto šíleným zásahem policie, ve stylu deset na jednoho a s vyndanou pistolí... šiřte dál, můžete-li nahrát i k sobě, napište na uvedený email!!

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