the taizé people august 2002

in august 2002 i visited taizé - a christian community, where many young people from all around the globe meet. for me it was an awesome experience. i've also get know people from the whole europe. in one week we (i hope i can say it) became friends. and as i want to stay in touch with them, i put on the net a page dedicated to ... taizé & us :)

you should find here our thoughts, a board, some photos... the rest is up to you! i'm open for your ideas and participation. please write to:

taizé changes

what's new

01/08/2003 - i visited taizé again - this time it was 14 days full of hope and faith - and of course new people! so there are some new addresses in the people section - maybe this time it will really work? hope so :) for those who aren't listed (and want to) - send me your email and name+surname and i'll add you!
24/09/2002 - emails in the 'people' section transformed to the form "name AT". putting linked addresses could expose all the addresses to so called "email harvesters" and this way end up on spammers' and direct marketers' lists.
17/09/2002 - another text in the thoughts section
25/08/2002 - first version of board working
22/08/2002 - i've started developing the page

sections what's inside latest addition
thoughts your ideas, plans, articles... 17/09/2002 - Adam: dancing on the graves
22/08/2002 - Adam: the king of snakes
22/08/2002 - Adam: having no time
photos have a look in the gallery nothing yet? mail me some photos!
people contacts, short info who has just joined?
board let's talk once again! what's the topic?

(credits for the page: adam zbiejczuk)
(credits for the photo: yoshizo kawasaki)