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The notion of temporary architecture denotes a contemporary form of architecture based on mobility and flexibility. In the month of May, we will place temporary objects in front of the gallery. They will serve as residency or shelter from the sun and rain for the participants throughout the project. Unlike the steady architecture, the principles of construction of temporary architecture are simple, based on light and inexpensive materials and inventive and logical assembly.

Two projects will be realised as part of the Temporary Architecture segment: the "Do-it-Yourself" workshop for making geometrical tents and the installing of a temporary residence in a trailer.
Geometrical tents will be manufactured according to the Buckminster Fuller principle and made out of recycled waste material and improvisation. These will be light and stable geometrical structures (domes), based on pole constructions and connected in an easy way. The domes will be of various sizes, either half-covered or entirely closed. They will serve as shelters from the rain or sun but also as places to stay overnight.

Experimental model of a shelter for USA marines, Buckminster Fuller, 1954