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May 7 - June 30, 2004
Gallery P74, Prus??nikova 74, Ljubljana
Conceived and organised by:
Polonca Lovs??in and Urs??ka Jurman

Ready 2 Change is a research platform that comprises the exhibition, lectures, presentations and workshops with the intention to provide a multi-facetted insight into the issues of possible life alternatives and individual approaches to all kinds of systems that rule our everyday lives. The project focuses first and foremost on the principles of informal, temporary and self-sustaining architecture, alternative use of energy, parallel economy, the "do-it-yourself" principle as well as self-organisation and mutual collaboration.

The project also include a temporary residence, which will be installed in the garden of the P74 gallery: invited guests from abroad will be residing in a trailer to which constructed wetland - water purifying plant device and solar electric system will be connected. Thus we will establish and verify a system that could be minimally dependent on the existing (prevalent) infrastructures. We share the opinion that the establishment of innovative (infra)structural and organisational models is essential not only for everyday living but also for the creation and development of experimental artistic and cultural production. We will occupy the rest of the garden with light tents constructed by the Buckminster Fuller principle and also learn how to make them. We will also organise an excursion to the "organic homestead" in Podljubelj. All these and other initiatives will serve the purpose of establishing an experimental environment for a constructive debate and exchange of opinion among participating artists, architects, curators, scientists, innovators and all those who take an interest into the subject.

The concept of the project Ready 2 Change is the continuation of the content of the book by the same name realised by Polonca Lovs??in in 2003 as part of the 25th International Graphics Biennial in Ljubljana. The new project has the intention to continue and deepen the research initiated by the book which, through a series of texts and interviews, presents the views and practices of the people whose lives and work diverge from the routine and the usual models, opening the possibility for alternative and individual solutions through their inventive approaches.

Ready 2 Change consists of several segments:

1) Temporary Architecture

2) Residence

3) Constructed Wetland (water purifying plant device)

4) Solar Electric System

5) Excursion to Karl Leitinger's in Podljubelj

6) Lectures

7) Exhibition

8) Web Project